The Best Strategies to Get Parents Involved in Preschool

The Best Strategies to Get Parents Involved in Preschool

How to Involve Parents in Preschool Activities

Involving parents in preschool activities and events is essential for creating a collaborative learning environment for your kiddos! Engaged parents contribute to a child's success by reinforcing learning at home and in school. Here are several effective strategies to engage parents in there child's learning journey!

1. Regular Communication

Having consistent and communication with parents is crucial for their involvement. Here are a few methods:

  • Newsletters: Send out weekly or monthly newsletters that include updates on classroom activities, upcoming events, and ways parents can get involved.
  • Classroom Apps: Use apps like Child Pilot and share updates, photos, and messages to connect the parents!   

2. Parent-Teacher Conferences

Schedule parent teacher conferences! They are an excellent opportunity to discuss the child’s progress, address concerns, and set goals. These meetings encourage a partnership between parents and teachers and keep parents informed and involved with whats happening in there kiddos life.

3. Volunteer Opportunities

Invite parents to volunteer during field trips and other special activists. Volunteering allows parents to directly engage with the school environment and their child's education.

4. Special Events and Activities

Organize special events like family days, cultural celebrations, and holiday parties where parents can participate in activities alongside their children. These events create a sense of community and allow parents to connect with the school and other families! 

5. Parent Workshops

Offer seminars on topics related to early childhood education, parenting tips, and or developmental milestones. This educates parents and empowers them to support their child's learning at home so you aren’t t the only teacher!

6. Home Activities and Resources

Provide parents with resources and activities they can do at home! Such as educational games, reading lists, tracing, and crafts. This reinforces what children learn in preschool and extends learning beyond the classroom. This is especially effective when the child is only with you for 1 or 2 days of the week!

7. Feedback and Suggestions

Dont be Afraid Ask for feedback and suggestions from parents through surveys or a suggestion box. This shows that their input is valued!

8. Involve the Parent

Involve parents in decision-making processes related to school policies, event planning, and curriculum development! 

9. Open Classroom Policy

Allow parents to visit and observe the classroom during specific times. This helps them understand the daily routines and activities and fosters a deeper connection with the preschool environment.

10. Celebrate Achievements

Celebrate children’s milestones and achievements by involving parents in award ceremonies or special recognition events. This encourages parents to take pride in their child’s progress and stay engaged.


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By implementing these strategies you can create a very collaborative and supportive environment that benefits children, parents, and educators! Engaged parents are more apt to be engaged in their child’s success and support the preschool’s goals, creating a positive experience for everyone! 

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