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What’s included

  • Circle Time resources
  • Weekly Topic Posters
  • 20 large group activities 
  • 20 small group activitie
  • 20 creative crafts
  • A themed book
  • Manipulative
  • Digital Teacher Resources


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About Lil Dreamers Dream Big

Lil Dreamers Dream Big is a Kid-Tested, Teacher-Approved Monthly Preschool Curriculum Program.  Created for Preschool Teachers by Preschool Teachers. Lil Dreamers Dream Big  is much more than simple ideas formulated in an office building. Lil Dreamers Dream Big curriculum was dreamed up, created, and implemented in a preschool classroom.  Before Lil Dreamers makes it to your classroom, it must first be rated a success in Our classroom by both Teacher and Children. This is one detail that sets Lil Dreamers Apart from many other curriculum programs.  This creative curriculum program was uniquely created with both you and the preschooler in mind.  Lil Dreamers Dream Big Curriculum encourages children to Dream BigDiscover core learning concepts, Develop cognitive understanding and to Create with expression through an extensive themed curriculum unit.  

How Can Lil Dreamers Dream Big Curriculum Help You?

  • Less prep time, activities and crafts are preplanned  The Lil Dreamers Dream Team has taken all aspects that are involved in Preschool Lesson Planning into consideration.  We know the importance of classroom management and how  being prepared ahead of time can determine the effectiveness of your program.
  • The Daily Themed craft compliments the Unique topic for that day.  These creative crafts are sure to inspire your children to create and cultivate new techniques through creative expression. Most supplies that are needed specifically  for crafts and activities are included in your Dream Box.  
  •  Valuable information and Discussion topics are already researched for you.  This provides an interactive and engaging time of learning that can be implemented during circle time as a group discussion or in a smaller setting.  These topic questions allow for critical thinking and continued discovery of that month’s Themed Unit.  
  • Visuals are also included to enhance and reinforce the topics for each day and allow for review for the whole week to connect the daily topics to that week’s main topic.
  • Challenge and simplify options along with teacher tips are given for Dream Activities and Crafts!  
  • A Fun Manipulative is included that can be used for many of the Develop of the Dream Activities.  
  • Story Time is always exciting with a new book to add to your library! 
  • Take the pressure off, and enjoy one of our Stress Free package options.  Discover the Joys of teaching again, as we do the work for you, so that you can continue to effectively impact the learning experience of the kids in your care!
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