Teacher tips

For the Busy Teacher

Teacher Tip #3: Have Fun!

As teachers, you have an amazing opportunity! Being able to help grow the minds of the next generation is an exciting feat. That being said, there are many times this job can seem challenging. But continuing to make learning enjoyable and exciting for your students is nothing but rewarding. So have fun! Branch out in your lesson planning, let them get messy, try out new circle time songs, try having one of your students lead story time, have the occasional pajama day. Don’t let yourself miss out on all the joys that being a preschool teacher has to offer.

Teacher Tip #2: Create a Schedule

While this one may not seem exciting to some, studies have shown that young children thrive on routine! Establishing a schedule with daily activities, lessons and story times will have your class feeling confident and secure. (If you are a Lil Dreamers customer already, we have a sample schedule on our Teacher Resources page to help you get started!)

Teacher Tip #1: Be Organized and Prepared

Keep all your lesson plans for the week in a binder, meal prep for breakfast and lunches, have all the supplies for your centers ready and keep a list of things you need to restock. When you are prepared and organized, it will translate as a calm and welcoming environment to anyone who walks in your classroom!

Take your program to the next level

Lil Dreamers Dream Big was designed with the preschool teacher in mind. We know that planning, prepping and executing new lessons, art and activites everyday is challenging. Our goal is to get you more time back in the classroom! That’s why our boxes include 20 art, 20 activities, weekly topics, engaging themes with small and large group activities. And with options to fit every budget, we have just what you are looking for. Want to see what option is best for you? Click below to learn more