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The Little Dreamers Dream Big team consists of Educators, Preschool Teachers, and Moms.  A wide combination of these titles contribute to the fullness of Lil Dreamers Dream Big and its effectiveness in your classroom or with your preschooler.   Lil Dreamers Dream Big began as a dream: to create a themed curriculum that fostered the whole child.  A curriculum program that not only reinforces foundational concepts and encourages creativity, but enhances critical thinking. Through many years of education and hands on experience, Lil Dreamers became a reality not only for me, but for many others who have been searching for a Preschool Curriculum Program. 

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We at Kiddie Kreek Preschool have been operating for 22 years with a “Higher Standard Mindset” when it comes to creating a truly Amazing Learning and Growing Experience for every child.   We have had the privilege of spending time with the most amazing kids which became the foundation of creating this program. We recognize that while there is a selection of curriculum on the market, through our own studies and experience of being in the classroom, much of it is not thoroughly thought out to be ​engaging​, ​skill enhancing​, and ​user friendly​ all in one. We believe that our curriculum raises the standard of your child’s learning experience while being the most memorable, creating a classroom environment that is manageable, easy, and fun! ​Kid Tested………Teacher Approved!


Pre School Curriculum Kid Tested Teacher Approved