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Dream Box

The Lil Dreamers Dream Box is EVERYTHING that you will need to facilitate a complete learning experience for your classroom.

Teacher’s Materials, Supplies for the number of children selected and Newsletter* included. From weekly topics to visual aides and concept display cards, each detailed lesson plan includes everything you need to journey through the months theme is PROVIDED for you.

Also included are 20 large group activities20 small group activities, and 20 creative crafts including most supplies (for the number of children selected) you will need to fully discover every learning concept designed to enhance the learning experience.

You will also receive a book to add to your library, activity manipulativesongs, and a digital classroom newsletter adding unique detail to each themes cohesiveness.

If you wish to have such supplies included, select the number of children in which you need supply for. If you select 0 children, your box will  NOT include extra art prints or supply for art or activities.

Wood Layouts

Dream Download

  • Lil Dreamers DREAM DOWNLOAD gives you access to One Complete Download per class of the Dream Theme for that Month.
  • This Download will include the ability to download and print all materials that are included in the Ultimate Dream Box.
  • This package fits any budget and also gives you an opportunity to fully provide a unique learning experience saving time and money.
Coming This Fall!

Beginning September 2022, you will have the option to add our faith based mini unit, Lil Dreamers Big Faith to your Dream Box! More information will be coming soon!


Teachers Resources Dream Pack:  This Dream Package is a favorite among those who have direct access to most craft and common classroom supplies.  Many preschool teachers over the years have gathered and collected many supplies and have a fairly large amount of materials that can be used with the Activities and Crafts.  The teacher pack is value priced yet still includes ALL THE ITEMS provided in the Dream Box that would be considered a teacher resource.   With this package you would need to supply your own materials needed for Create The Dream and select  items for Develop the Dream Activities. Printed resources are included, along with the Unit Book, as well as the manipulative item from the Dream Box. 

One Last Option………..

Download The Dream is ideal for well established classrooms or for those who are interested in an High Value Low Cost option.  All printable materials would be available to you for a one-time download for Your Classroom learning Experience.  Simply download and enjoy the researched and organized Themed Dream Unit!

Kids Benefiting From Curriculum Options with Lil Dreamers Dream Big

Engaging   Exciting  Developmentally appropriate, age and skill level appropriate.  Introduces key concepts to ready children for Kindergarten.  Introduction to sight words, character traits, new vocabulary, language and math concepts, writing, letters, phonetics, colors, shapes, numbers, creative art, songs that facilitate language and cognitive understanding through song.  A newsletter that shares with families the months theme along with subtopics, monthly core concepts, songs, conversations topics or questions to engage with your children. 

 Monthly Themed Learning with Lil Dreamers Dream Big 

FunOnTheFarmUnitUnpack Your Dream Box 

The moment has come and your Dream Box has arrived!  Inside you will find everything that you will need to successfully teach a complete Themed Unit!  You will find a checklist of all that is included in your Dream Box and a list of items that you will need to gather- these are common classroom items.  This checklist clearly explains what you should expect to find as you begin to fully unpack your box.  Adding to your classroom or childs home library is always a favorite among teachers and parents, which is why your box will include a Themed Book to promote reading and language development. The Dream Board Poster is an 11×14 monthly calendar that displays the months Discover the Dream, Develop the Dream Activities and Create the Dream Crafts for a quick reference to the basic activities that will be used each day.  A Share the Dream Newsletter is also included.  This take home newsletter summarizes the months themes, learning concepts, songs, books and at home discussion topics and activities so that the learning does not stop when class is finished, but is reinforced throughout each child’s daily routines.  The Dream & Lyrics page includes unique themed based songs and book selections to enrich the large group learning experience.  Each month will include Language Concept Display Cards that include the Monthly Sight Word, Rhyming Words, Vocabulary, and Character Trait.  Two Letter Display Cards, Two Number, Color & Shape Display cards are perfect tools that can be displayed and used daily during circle time with the children. The items that were previously listed are packaged together for a quick and basic overview of the month at a glance and items that will be used through the entire month, and may even be useful throughout the year for review purposes.  There are Four 11×14 Envision The Dream posters that Display each week’s topics and a photo to aide in learning activities and classroom discussions. The Weekly Dream Guides are complete with detailed instructions to facilitate preschool concepts, skills, and artistic development.  This guide includes topic discussion questions and facts that will captivate your little learners.  Along with detailed guidance for a months total of 20 Discover the Dream Activities to enrich the large group learning experience, 20 Develop the Dream smaller group activities and supplies to advance basic skills such as number,mathmatic, letter, phonetic and language concepts,and a classroom room manipulative for activity enhancement. The included manipulative is an awesome addition to your classroom once the Unit is finished or may be used as a take home item for children to have a piece of their learning experience even once the unit is finished, or possibly a reward of completion.  There are   20 Create the Dream Crafts including supplies needed and Create the Dream Visual Displays to enhance the childs skill development and creativity.  All that you need to successfully engage, educate, and elaborate your childs learning experience is at your fingertips with the Lil Dreamers Dream Big Dream Box.  All the Topic Information, supportive activities, and creative crafts research that can be daunting and extreme time consuming is all done for you so that you can Enjoy the theme with your child.